Savannah research office enrolling patients for new plant-based COVID-19 vaccine trial

Savannah research office enrolling patients for new plant-based COVID-19 vaccine trial

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Trials for COVID-19 vaccines continue for companies that signed up initially, but also for new ones looking to offer something different.

A local research office is now enrolling patients for a new plant-based product.

Although we already have a few COVID-19 vaccines on the market, research continues to help find alternatives. Dr. Paul Bradley, Chief Investigator here at Meridian Clinical Research says their latest trial combines plants and science.

“This one’s a great option for people who are afraid of the traditional approach. The nice part that this vaccine has no DNA material in it, it literally is made from a plant leaf and it’s super simple and neat in its design,” said Dr. Bradley.

While this is new technology for a COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Bradley says it’s worked in the flu vaccine and proven effective and safe.

“The original idea was flu shots are made historically in chicken eggs and people who had egg allergies or chicken allergies couldn’t get the flu shot and so it prompted the change at least to have an alternative and it’s nice to know using this same technology we probably have more vaccines coming.”

Dr. Bradley says the new trial enrolling at the Savannah office uses a plant leaf that is made to look like the virus which then your body can identify and fight off. The vaccine is still a two-series injection, but Dr. Bradley says it offers a more natural option, and options are key especially with one vaccine on pause for now.

“There is a possibility that we may want to switch vaccines around in the future to give you a broader coverage meaning again if you think the vaccine as the flashcard, every flashcard is going to look a little bit different and so if you had different views of the enemy you may actually be able to fight them off better and so that’s being studied too and so having more options is only going to help.”

Meridian Clinical Research is currently looking for participants in the phase three trial who have not had COVID-19, or a prior COVID vaccine. They say it is free to join, strictly monitored, and does offer compensation. Leaders believe this is one more tool to help beat COVID-19.

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