Lowcountry businesses adjusting as mask mandates begin to change

Lowcountry businesses adjusting as mask mandates begin to change

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County and the town of Bluffton let their mask ordinances expire, but business owners are still able to make the decision on masks in their stores.

“We’re just letting customers decide on what they would like to do,” Haven Boutique owner Tracy Moss said.

“The mask depends on the customer - right now it’s up to the customer. If they feel that they already have a vaccine, and they feel they’re comfortable they don’t have to, you know, COVID, they can go without a mask,” salon owner Amy Nguyen said.

Many businesses in Bluffton are leaving the option to wear masks or not up to the customer

“Most of our customers wear a mask anyways and for us we are manicurists, we’ve been wearing masks for this career for so long anyway. Way before the pandemic.”

In old Bluffton, many shoppers are split on if they will wear one.

“I would say 20 to 30 percent of the people are wearing masks.”

“So, some we are telling them that it’s optional and they say, ‘oh we take their mask off and they’re like ok! Thanks for telling us,’” employee Leah Papka said.

One nail salon says many customers still choose to wear masks.

“We have a lot of senior customers here and for their safety they love to wear masks, they don’t mind wearing them.”

The owner of this Bluffton boutique says she feels safer wearing one.

“I’m a little scared just because there are people that come from all over the place and that kind of scares me a little bit.”

But she doesn’t require her employees to and definitely will not require her customers.

“Just leave it up to the customer. Leave it up to the business. No judgment either way.”

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