Bonus approved for Beaufort Co. school employees

Bonus approved for Beaufort Co. school employees

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Beaufort County Board of Education approved a onetime bonus for all district employees.

Several staff members say it will make a difference as they enter the end of the year.

“Any recognition of those efforts and what they’ve done to go above and beyond is appreciated,” literacy coach Michelle Parisi said.

After an especially difficult school year.

“This has been the most challenging year, I think, in education for a long time. And our teachers have had to do so much, and it is nice that that’s recognized, and we can earn something on it,” numeracy coach Caroline Redden said.

Staff who worked more than 120 days will be getting a $1,000 bonus, while eligible teachers will also receive a step increase in their pay.

“Very celebratory. We were excited to finally, we knew there was talk about it, but, when it finally came through and we saw that out, they were text going around and everybody’s really excited,” first grade teacher Angie Smith said.

Beaufort County teachers were supposed to get a bonus earlier this year, but revenue and tax dollars within the county put the bonuses on hold until now.

“We know that sometimes decisions like this take a little bit of time and there is red tape to go through and I think everybody was hopeful that it would happen and now here we are, and we are very excited about it.”

Teachers say this bonus will bring a little bit of comfort to them as they finish an extra-long year

“Yeah, the last quarter, this is going to be the long-haul. We’re going a little later than we’re used to this year, so I think it kind of re-energize everybody.”

Teachers will receive their bonus on May 14 and their retroactive step increase on June 4.

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