County commissioners oppose zoning ordinance change in Effingham Co.

A majority of the Effingham County Commissioners united in opposition to the change at Tuesday’s meeting

County commissioners oppose zoning ordinance change in Effingham Co.

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Despite being taken off the agenda for Tuesday night’s Effingham County Commission Meeting, a controversial zoning ordinance change was still brought up.

The change would allow landfills to be put on agriculturally zoned property, something many residents were opposed to.

Of course, a landfill isn’t something that most would hope to have move in next door. Especially for those who are used to no neighbors at all.

“We purchase property in rural areas to get away from the noise pollution, the sounds and smells of more urban areas,” said Lexye Shockley, who lives less than a mile from the potential location of the landfill.

So, when residents of Effingham County caught wind of a potential ordinance change that they feared would make it easier for that to happen, they spoke out.

“I heard from numerous constituents. They did not think that was a good fit,” said District 3 Effingham County Commissioner Jamie DeLoach.

A concern, it would seem Commissioner DeLoach heard loud and clear.

“After further thinking about the topic and about putting landfill use in agricultural/residential, it just doesn’t seem like a good fit.”

So much so, that despite being taken off the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner DeLoach felt compelled to speak out against the ordinance change.

“The purpose of last nights comments is to try to squash this and make it go away.”

A sentiment it turns out he wasn’t alone in.

“We had five commissioners that said they did not have any interest in talking about that going forward.”

Deloach, hopeful their united opposition will be last they have to deal with the proposed ordinance.

“We don’t really have any interest in discussing this again. So, I’m hoping it isn’t going to be on the May 18 agenda.”

But it might not be the last they hear about the landfill itself.

“Someone could apply with an industrial zoning request for the same piece of property,” Deloach said.

While DeLoach is hopeful the vote on the ordinance will be removed from the May 18 agenda, he says if it is not the public will be notified.

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