Sentry Savannah 2021 nears end

Sentry Savannah 2021 nears end

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Sentry Savannah, a large-scale fighter jet exercise hosted in Savannah since 2015, is now in its second week.

Wednesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and others got to see up close dozens of 4th and 5th generation fighter jets taking off from the Air Dominance Center at the 165th Airlift Wing.

It’s the Air National Guard’s premier 4th and 5th generation jet exercise.

And it’s also what has been rumbling in the skies over the Savannah area since last week.

“These fighters, they’re split up. Some guys are simulating a threat, and some of them are going to be executing the U.S. tactics,” said Col. Douglas “Atlas” Fike - Commander, Air Dominance Center Savannah.

This years Sentry Savannah is happening at a time when the Department of Defense is looking to change up national defense strategies from recent years.

This particular exercise gives fighter pilots from all over the U.S. an opportunity to train in a massive unobstructed airspace off Georgia’s coast.

Governor Kemp said, “Obviously a lot of people here, very complex. But it’s also helping us be ready for whatever we need to as far as national defense goes.”

Last year, Sentry Savannah was canceled because of the pandemic.

So this year even more pilots are taking advantage of this unique training opportunity, keeping their skills sharp so they’re ready to answer the call when needed.

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