Beaufort County announces graduation plans for the Class of 2021

Beaufort County announces graduation plans for the Class of 2021

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Just a few months ago students in the Class of 2021 in Beaufort County were not sure they were going to have a graduation. Next month, students will be lining up on their football fields ready for a big, in-person celebration.

Planning is well under way at Battery Creek High School to get the senior Class of 2021 walking across the stage at graduation. On Friday, students were able to come pick up their caps and gowns.

“We were very scared that we were not going to get a graduation and we were going to have to do the same thing the Class of 2020 did,” said a student.

They’re thrilled they could do something in-person.

“It means a lot to see everybody coming over here, joining together and still having to stay socially distanced but it’s exciting seeing all of our classmates’ faces. It’s kind of like a reunion,” said a student.

Beaufort County has decided all high school graduations will be outdoors.

“So this year, each high school in the county has a graduation day and then we have a secondary date as a rain make up date,” said a staff member.

Each student will have six tickets to invite friends and family to come and watch them graduate.

“Six tickets per graduate, and that way we’ve gone through the capacity of our field. We want to make sure we have everybody spread out, we’ll bring in some additional bleachers to have everybody spread out,” said a staff member.

Staff says they are just excited students get to have something special.

“It’s one of the days that they’re always going to remember,” said a staff member.

“We’re very thankful that our district as a whole has come together and reasoned on what there is and things to do to give us the proper graduation,” a student said.

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