Where to watch the Blue Angels’ flight training this weekend in Beaufort County

Where to watch the Blue Angels’ flight training this weekend in Beaufort County

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Trask Parkway is known to be one of the most dangerous roads in all of Beaufort County. People will fly up and down this road even when there’s a lot of congestion. The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office will have a few extra deputies stationed there this weekend to make sure people are not causing any extra congestion.

If you are driving this weekend and happen to take a look up, you might see a very special air show. The Blue Angels were scheduled to come to the Lowcountry. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, that show has been canceled, but the Blue Angels will still be in the area doing practice flight training. Since the most accessible area near the airbase is right along Trask Parkway, the Sheriff’s Office is asking that if you want to watch the Blue Angels in action, do so safely and away from Trask Parkway.

“The Marine Corps Air Station has been hosting the Blue Angels for many years and it attracts lots of spectators and unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they’re not allowing access onto the base. But people are still going to show up outside the gates and try to see it. It’s inspiring to watch, it’s really special,” said Bob Bromage of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. “But for the safety of motorists and of course pedestrians that may be trying to get a glimpse of the flight training, of the Blue Angels, we highly advise that you stay off of Trask Parkway, Highway 21 and that area.”

The Sheriff’s office asks that if you do want to watch the Blue Angels you can watch from an open parking lot or ask a business if you can stay in their parking lot.

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