Residents of a Baxley apartment complex forced to move after severe weather causes flooding

Residents of a Baxley apartment complex forced to move after severe weather causes flooding

BAXLEY, Ga. (WTOC) - Several residents in an apartment complex in Baxley had to temporarily move to a motel after flood waters forced them to leave. Saturday’s severe weather damaged several apartments at the City Circle Apartment Complex. Residents spent Sunday morning moving their furniture and personal belongings as they’re left cleaning up the mess.

“It was coming in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms. The whole house just flooded and the water kept rising in the apartment,” said April Sanders, whose home was damaged by the flood waters.

This was the scene Saturday night as rain poured down. Several residents are now displaced after flood waters seeped into their homes, damaging carpeting, beds and other belongings.

“I’ve never seen it flood as bad as it did last night,” said Gerry Moore, whose son’s home was damaged by the flood.

Moore says this isn’t the first time the apartments have flooded. His son and children live here and he’s concerned that the conditions now are a health risk.

“There’s mold, there’s mildew that’s going to develop in the walls,” Moore said.

On Sunday, residents helped each other move out and tear up the carpets. A company came to blow the water out and the Red Cross also provided assistance.

“We’re just trying to wait and see what assess the damage and what has got to be done,” said Sanders.

Right now, residents say they’re staying with family or in a motel. They say there’s no timeline as to when they will be able to move back in.

“It’s very stressful,” said Sanders.

The apartment building is in the process of getting new ownership. Those new owners came to help clean and figure out the next steps. However, residents say the city needs to step up.

“That canal is a flooding area and it needs to be dealt with,” said Moore.

Residents here say the next step is to continue reaching out to the city, who they say are responsible for the canal behind the apartment complex that caused the damage.

WTOC did reach out to Baxley Mayor Tim Varnadoe who says they have researched ways to address flooding issues with the canal. The mayor says they haven’t found a solution yet, but they’re not ignoring the problem.

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