Beaufort Co. School District lays outs plans for summer school program

Beaufort Co. School District lays outs plans for summer school program

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - The Beaufort County School District has had one of its most challenging academic years yet and school supervisors say now, they are trying to put together a program that will help students recover from the “pandemic school year”.

The Beaufort County School District is finalizing plans for this year’s summer school program, and they say the goal is to help students who might have fallen behind during the pandemic.

The Beaufort County School District is reworking their summer school program. Summer school will start in person on June 28 and run Through July 29.

This year, most of the emphasis for summer school will fall onto the third graders who have to pass state testing to make it to the next year. The district says overall they have seen a sizable dip in performance from their students.

They say they have seen 30 percent of students have a 30 percent slide in their education. Now, summer school will focus on rebuilding that lost knowledge, helping students gain credits they need to move forward and to graduate, and making up for lost time.

”Because our calendar started late our summer school will start fully on June 28. It will continue through July until the 29th. Our goal is actually to have as many students as possible with either course recovery or, let’s continue our learning through the summer. Let’s get them to the diver the dip that we have had suffered due to being in a pandemic for almost 18 months. So that’s our goal,” said Instructional Chief Mary Stratos.

The district says if you want information on enrolling your child in summer school, you can visit their website. Priority will fall to third graders and any expansion after that depends on how many staff they are able to hire.

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