Vaccinations beginning to taper across Beaufort Co.

Vaccinations beginning to taper across Beaufort Co.

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - Our Tracking the Vaccine coverage continues with a look at vaccination rates in the Lowcountry.

Just over 30 percent of people in the state are fully-vaccinated. And roughly 10 percent more have gotten their fist dose.

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, many COVID-19 precautions are being thrown to the wind, and municipalities and counties are letting their mask ordinances expire. At Beaufort Memorial, not only are masks still required, but they are encouraging more people than ever to get out and get vaccinated.

”Only half of our population has had at least one inoculation, so, we have the opportunity. That’s still our job ahead of us. Is to get the rest of the population comfortably inoculated,” said Michael McFee, Beaufort Mayor Pro Tem.

More than 75,000 Beaufort County residents have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. But vaccinations are starting to taper off across the county.

”The hospital has not. They’ve had some low numbers and days of inoculation so, the ease with which you can get it is very much so there.”

Beaufort Memorial’s daily vaccination numbers are dropping.

”About 350 a day now and that’s gradually dwindling week over week. A month ago we were probably doing about 700 a day,” said Dr. Kurt Gambla, Beaufort Memorial.

Especially now that the surge is over.

”The people that were going to get vaccinated and the people that were on the fence a little bit, they’ve come in. We’ve seen them.”

They say it’s all about getting to that 80 percent vaccination rate

”It is a numbers game. We want to beat this. We have to get to herd immunity, we have to get the critical mass vaccinated.”

They’re concerned people are holding back, thinking others need it before them.

”People are holding back because they want to give it to someone else, that’s not a good reason.”

They say there is more than enough supply and not enough demand at this point.

“If we don’t get to that critical mass it’s going to be very difficult to get the upper hand.”

Everyone is encouraged to get a vaccine if they are able.

“Continue to encourage the public to get their vaccinations. It’s much much easier to make appointments now.”

The hospital has also established a QR code that allows people to register for a vaccination appointment. They say if you go on you should be able to find an appointment. All you have to do is visit Beaufort Memorial’s website. They say it’s all a part of making it easy for people to get vaccinated.

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