Some not receiving unemployment checks after reapplying

Updated: May. 5, 2021 at 6:42 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Many Georgians reached the end of their 52-week period allowed for unemployment benefits.

The Department of Labor is reminding those still out of work to reapply. However, some of you have reached out to WTOC because you haven’t received a payment after reapplying.

When a claimant reaches their Benefit Year End date, or BYE date...which is located on their MY UI portal, they must reapply for benefits.

But the labor commissioner says some are not reapplying correctly.

When a claimant reapplies for benefits, they are required to report their work history and wages earned in the past year.

This includes temporary, part-time, self-employment, or W-2 work.

Commissioner Mark Butler says if you reapplied and haven’t received a payment yet, it could be because you did not include this information.

And how does the DOL know this?

Businesses are required to report an employee’s income to the DOL.

The Department of Labor is seeing around 30 to 40 percent of people filing claims but not including that data.

And when that happens, Butler says it takes extra time and manpower away from other tasks like answering phones or calling people back just to verify if the claimant is still eligible for unemployment.

“You can’t make a computer program to call a person and talk to them. In this case when you’re having to audit an account which is basically what is happening in this type of process, I’m oversimplifying it. When they send it in they reapply then when we run their social security against our database and it gives us back information different than what you put on your application, an automatic process all of a sudden turns manual,” said GDOL Commissioner Mark Butler.

Butler says they’re seeing many claimants who are now working in other states, not report their work history and wages when reapplying. However, Georgia’s system can cross check with other departments of labor and that’s why Butler says it’s so important to include that information to avoid a stop on your payments.

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