A Family Affair: Local nurse helps fight vaccine hesitancy within her family

Rosalind was able to give her sister, Roshon, the first dose of her COVID-19 vaccine.
Rosalind was able to give her sister, Roshon, the first dose of her COVID-19 vaccine.(WTOC)
Updated: May. 18, 2021 at 7:20 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Vaccine hesitancy remains a big concern in the state of Georgia as 30% are fully vaccinated . Public health officials with the Coastal Health District have been working to get more to sign up for their shots, but it turns out their nurses are their own best advocates.

“Science has advanced to the betterment of man,” said Rosalind Singleton, a nurse with the Coastal Health District. “It’s not against us.”

Singleton got her COVID-19 vaccine when she became eligible months ago. As a retired nurse she was so impressed with the roll out she pulled back out her scrubs to help vaccinate others, including her family. She says getting them to sign up wasn’t easy. Her sister, Roshon Johnson, put it off for months because of fear, but changed her mind recently.

“I’m elated that I decided to do it at last,” said Johnson. “I really was very nervous about it until she told me that she would be giving me the shots and when she did I said thank God.”

Roshon, her husband and daughter all got their first dose Tuesday thanks to Rosalind and her knowledge, support and relentless spirit.

“She told me her fears and even some of my children they are afraid, but the proof is in the pudding,” said Singleton. “It’s working. That’s what’s important the numbers are getting better and we are, we have more liberty and so I kept pointing out the facts.”

Though it might have taken the Johnson’s months to come around, Roshon says she’s now going to share her experience with others.

“In essence, I have actually encouraged others to wait,” said Johnson. “Now I’ll go back and rescind my previous comments and try to encourage them and let them know that I finally took the jump.”

While we still have a way to go to address vaccine hesitancy, Tuesday was a win for Rosalind as her family is one step closer in the fight against COVID-19 and protecting others.

“It means everything to me because we are all we’ve got...” explained Singleton. “We have to hold on to each other, that’s the least we could do to look out for because we’ve got a little more living to do, a little more traveling to do, we got a few parties to have, we got a lot of plans that we want to see come to fruition.”

The family is set to return for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in June.

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