Community Champions: Fleet Feet Running Club

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 11:58 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Some of the best runs start with a little push.

“They always start with, ‘I can’t do anything at all.’ And within a few months, they are running a full mile, they’re running three miles,” Patrice Kerner said.

The Fleet Feet Running Club exists to produce that kind of progress and includes individuals to help runners realize it.

“The mentors are meant to be supporters. They’re meant to be motivators and encouragers and leaders on the pavement,” Tessa Jones said.

The club offers 10 group runs each week - early mornings and after work. Times when newcomers to the sport might need a little assistance hitting the road. And running mentors are the members of the group there to give that help.

“I always tell them that there are all kinds of paces, so don’t be concerned about being the slowest, because that’s what they worry about most,” Juno Dubose said.

That advice and support can be the reason some runners join, stay with and excel through the Running Club. And with group runs becoming a more popular social activity again, the group is looking for even more positive voices - like the WTOC Community Champions currently getting their friends and neighbors to hit the roads.

“Anybody who likes being an encourager and a motivator on the pavement, we need you.”

And to be a running mentor, speed is less important than dedication.

“If you think you can motivate people to get out here and do their best, come out. I was nervous at first. I reached out to someone at the store, and they said come out, no hesitation.”

“Fleet Feet Running Club is here to provide community and accountability on the pavement. So, those mentors are there three times a week, four sometimes. So, you have someone to hold you accountable when you do not show up and celebrate you when you do.”

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