Residents on Brampton Rd. concerned with traffic from Hwy 21 closure

Wednesday marks day two of the Highway 21 closure in Garden City.
Wednesday marks day two of the Highway 21 closure in Garden City.(WTOC)
Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 4:08 PM EDT
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GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - Highway 21 is back open Thursday morning after emergency road work shut the major roadway down for two days.

The section of road between Chatham Villa Drive and Brampton Road reopened more than 24 hours ahead of schedule. However, residents in the surrounding neighborhoods said the detoured traffic caused a lot of back-ups near their homes.

The closure was expected to last until Friday at 5 p.m. Both the northbound and southbound lanes of the highway were blocked as crews worked on the railroad tracks. The closure caused heavy traffic throughout the surrounding neighborhoods for two days.

WTOC spoke to several residents along this road who say truck traffic is normal there because the Georgia Ports is nearby. But once Highway 21 closed Tuesday, the amount of traffic was something they had never seen before.

Brampton Road between Highway 21 and Main Street is a narrow road, less than a mile long. It was backed up with traffic from the Highway 21 detour.

“And when it gets backed up like this, I have a lot of people that decide that’s it’s okay to drive completely through my yard,” said resident Dottie Bacon.

Dottie Bacon has lived off Brampton Road for almost 30 years and seeing cars and trucks use her driveway to avoid sitting in traffic is nothing new.

“My driveway has been the local road for people that want to turn around.”

But she saw it even more with this week’s road closure.

“A lawn service decided to use my yard, just drive right on through. I get a lot of that, people carrying trailers.”

While she says it’s frustrating, Bacon is more concerned about her family’s safety.

“People aren’t paying attention. I have grandbabies,” she said. “People aren’t looking for that kind of thing. They’re just looking to drive through. They don’t care what they’re running over.”

She’s had to come up with her own solution, adding traffic cones to block her driveway.

Bacon hopes drivers stay mindful of her property, as well as her neighbors.

Other residents we spoke to shared Bacon’s safety concerns, and have also seen drivers use their driveway as a way to turn around, which has been frustrating.

Garden City Police had officers at the corner of Main and Brampton directing traffic during the closure.

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