Taking care of trees, shrubbery is part of the preparation for hurricane season

Updated: Jun. 2, 2021 at 3:01 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Whether in a powerful tropical system like Hurricane Matthew or a particularly intense summer thunderstorm, it’s bound to happen. Trees will come down.

The goal is to minimize the risk to your home and property each hurricane season.

Before each hurricane season, there are a few things experts really tend to agree on – first is to simply walk your property, give it a survey and make sure that your trees are in tip-top shape.

And, a reminder, it’s not just the tops of trees that can determine its health.

When it comes to a tree’s structural integrity, sometimes the signs of distress are not as obvious. But, in general, you do not want any big hollow spots you can see from the outside and sometimes you’ll have a try where there are two prominent shoots that’ll be prone – at least your likely – to splitting in a high winds event. Before making any drastic changes or cutting it down make sure that you consult an expert.

It’s like going to the doctor to get a physical checkup. Trees are a living organism. They need the same TLC.

“When it comes to like, you know, a category five hurricane – no tree is stormproof. So, that is why it is really important to have your trees assessed before hurricane season. You know, have an arborist come out. Look at your trees. Evaluate them and make sure that they are in good shape and that there are no warnings signs for a tree that might, potentially, fail,” said Jake Henry, with the Savannah Tree Foundation.

Trees are still an important part of our local ecosystem. If you are looking to plant – do so. But do your research before planting something that could pose an unnecessary risk to your property later.

“Think 15… 50 years out… it’s important. During the landscape install, a lot of people think the immediate and what looks good in that moment. But, definitely have a plan,” Coastal Arbor Care co-owner Shem Kendrick said.

Have your hurricane plan this season and as your mold your outdoor oasis, have a plan for it, too.

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