When will Ga. Department of Labor offices reopen?

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 5:36 PM EDT
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HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - As things around the state continue to reopen, when will Georgia Department of Labor offices also reopen?

Commissioner Mark Butler says the Department of Labor is planning to reopen offices, but he wasn’t able to give an exact date. However, he wants Georgians to realize local GDOL offices, like the one in Hinesville, are not unemployment offices. It is a GDOL Career Center.

Butler says this means many of the unemployment issues some are trying to get resolved will not get resolved when the offices reopen. For example, if you’re waiting on an appeal hearing or eligibility review, Butler says that’s not done at the office. It’s done over the phone.

What you can do when the offices reopen is get help getting back into the workforce.

As for why the Career Centers are not open yet, when the GDOL is focusing on re-employment, Butler says there are a few reasons. One is those in the GDOL’s re-employment division are still assisting with the unemployment division.

And lastly, Butler says the department continues to have security concerns at local offices.

“We’ve had reports of our employees being followed from their car, people taking pictures of them as they’re going from their car and posting those things online. They have received threatening emails, and of course, that’s been going on for a year. A lot of it is from individuals who are just not qualified for unemployment and are angry about it,” Commissioner Butler said.

Butler also says it is possible some Career Centers will remain closed, as many re-employment services can be found online at

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