Taking Care of Business: Pupuseria Jireh

The Garden City restaurant made big changes that may have saved their business
Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 4:49 PM EDT
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GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - For a small El Salvadorian restaurant in Garden City, the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to find ways to adapt to survive. As fate would have it, their willingness to change how they do things may be the main reason they were able to push through yet another major setback just last week.

Pupuseria Jireh hadn’t even been open two years when the pandemic hit.

“It was a big challenge,” owner Sandra Ceron said.

But for Ceron, closing down was never really an option.

“It’s not time to give up. When your dream is this, you don’t stop,” she said.

So, like many businesses, they adapted.

“Food truck, delivery, orders online. It was a big help for us last year,” Ceron said.

What Ceron didn’t know at the time is these changes, one in particular, would prove to be crucial last week.

“It started raining really bad,” recalls Ceron.

That rain eventually broke through the roof of their restaurant, forcing them to close. But thanks to their pandemic addition, they didn’t have to close completely.

Damage caused by rain storm
Damage caused by rain storm(WTOC)

“We got plan B. Plan B is our food truck,” said Ceron.

Moving their business, for the time, outdoors thanks to that food truck. Surviving required them to change, but the key ingredients in their recipe for success haven’t changed a bit.

“The same food, the same smiles. Nothing is going to change us. This is nothing, we got to continue,” says Ceron.

Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that in a time where so many lost so much, Pupuseria Jireh always seemed to have just enough.

“The name of the restaurant means, ‘A lot for us.’ And Jireh means, ‘God provides.’ And we know God provided a lot last year and everyday we come to this restaurant,” Ceron says.

They hope to be back open inside in the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to help them with repairs to the restaurant click here.

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