Ga. Secretary of State announces voter list purge

Published: Jun. 21, 2021 at 6:21 PM EDT
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GEORGIA (WTOC) - More than 100,000 names are at risk of being removed from Georgia’s voter record.

The Secretary of State announced the move on Friday. It’s the first purge of the major voter list following the November 2020 election cycle.

Brad Raffensperger says it’s to ensure the state’s voter files are up to date.

The League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia, a non-partisan group, looks at Georgia’s voter roll purge as a way to take away Georgians’ right to vote.

Rebecca Rolfes, with the League of Women Voters, says the Secretary of State’s recent announcement of removing thousands of names, plus the state’s controversial new voting law, may discourage voters from registering and showing up to polls. The Secretary of State’s office is removing names of those who’ve passed or who aren’t eligible because they moved.

Rolfes says, while it is the Secretary of State’s job to keep voter rolls clean, she says removing names because they simply haven’t voted in the past five years. That’s something the group does not agree with.

“Citizenship doesn’t expire, so your eligibility to vote, so if you’re eligible, that doesn’t expire. You don’t take people off just because they didn’t vote. They didn’t want to, you know. Maybe they will sometime in the future. That’s the part we disagree with,” said Rolfes.

Rolfes encourages Georgians to check their status by visiting the My Voter Page website.

WTOC analyzed the data released by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. It shows here in Chatham County more than 4,100 registered voters are at risk of being removed from the rolls.

Here’s a look at the Top 5 counties affected.

The metro Atlanta area has by far the highest number of registered voters on the list with Fulton County at 12,003, Cobb County with 8,941, Gwinnett County with 8,118, DeKalb County with 7,989 and in 5th place is Chatham County with 4,116 voters.

Closer to home, Chatham County has the most voters affected, followed by Liberty with 795 voters. Effingham has 760 voters listed, Bryan has 629 voters and Bulloch has 447 voters listed.

According to the data provided by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office - the two inactive reasons given for why a voter is on the list include: undelivered mail or national change of address.

Both lists of voter files scheduled for removal can be accessed HERE.

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