Group mentoring young men in Savannah, taking part in City’s initiative to curb crime

Published: Jun. 21, 2021 at 11:02 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It has been just over a week since eight people where shot on Avery Street.

The Savannah Police Department and city leaders say they can’t curb the crime without help from all of us. So they’ve officially asked for help.

One local group who focuses on mentoring and guiding the young men in our community answered the call.

M.A.L.E. Dreamers has been around for a few years now. They’re just one of the many organizations that joined the City of Savannah’s effort to address gun violence.

WTOC spoke with some of the young men they mentor. They say it’s made a huge difference in their lives.

Group leaders are looking to continue to change the lives of young men throughout the city.

“They do a lot for us. Words cannot explain how much they do,” said 13-year-old Arthur Sparks.

Sparks is just one of the many young men whose life has changed after joining M.A.L.E. Dreamers.

“When I was younger my mom and my dad went through a divorce and I really didn’t have a father figure like that. Mr. Jordan stepped in that place as the father figure and he showed me how to be man and I got better and now I’m the Assistant Dream Coach of Male Dreamers.”

He’s says this group is truly a family.

Executive Director and Founder Robert Jordan says they want to mold and shape the young men they serve.

“We want these young men to not only be model citizens in the community but we also want them to give back and also to be role models to the men in their lives and see they need to step up to the plate,” said Jordan.

Jaquez Grady says because of the father figures this group gave him, he was able to graduate from high school in just three years.

“I didn’t have a father in my life to guide me where I am right now. If it weren’t for them I probably wouldn’t be graduating. I’d probably still been failing classes,” said 19-year-old Jaquez Grady.

Group leaders like Tyrell Morris believe that guidance is vital to the success of young men in our community.

“One of the greatest reasons why I do this is because I made a lot of mistakes in my life and I didn’t have any guidance and I wish that I did so I pass those things on to the young men in this organization,” said Morris.

Alarik and Adrian Gibson want other young men like them to be able to experience the same support.

“You don’t need to have it but you should have it. Someone who can care for you and the situations that you’re going through,” said 14-year-old Alarik Gibson.

“Having a father figure is something that can be very important to how you grow up. Something your mom or somebody just can’t provide that type of stuff so even though you might not want it. You can gain a lot by having that person in your life,” said 17-year-old Adrian Gibson.

Leaders with M.A.L.E. Dreamers also say they make it a priority to be a part of the family’s lives too.

If you want to learn more about M.A.L.E. Dreamers, you can visit their Facebook, Instagram, or email

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