Savannah man asks for investigation into GSP conduct at crash scene

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 6:03 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A Savannah man is asking for answers from Georgia State Patrol after he says they detained him for no reason.

It happened when he was looking at the scene after a GSP chase. Now the Jones family says they want a thorough investigation.

It’s been more than two weeks since Georgia State Patrol chase ended at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Durant. But it’s not the driver of that chase who is asking GSP for transparency in their investigation, rather someone else who was on scene that night.

“Luckily Abijah made it out alive, but what we want is, we want to prevent any future occurrences like this from going on. We want to be clear this is not an indictment on law enforcement in any way, but it is really a demand that we make sure that folks are held accountable,” said Chad Mance, Mance Law Group.

The Mance Law Group is representing Abijah Jones a 20-year-old who they say was taking his brother to get a haircut on June 11 when GSP sped past him.

His lawyer, Chad Mance, says he felt his car shake, stopped to check if he was hit and then saw the accident where a chase ended on Pennsylvania Avenue. The GSP incident report says Jones was near the car from the chase when the Trooper on scene asked what he was doing. It goes on to say Jones went back towards his car so the Trooper ran after him and grabbed him on the shoulder.

The report states he did not comply with commands and was detained. Later the trooper who was alone on scene determined Jones was not involved in the incident and released Jones. Jones’ attorney defines this as an arrest and calls it unlawful and unreasonable. They now are calling for an investigation as they say he deals with a hairline fracture to his arm.

“I think it is wrong time, wrong place, bad policing because you have got to have an underlying constitutional pretext to arrest somebody. If you don’t then the arrest and everything that follows is just unlawful,” said Mance.

We reached out to Georgia State Patrol about this incident, but they say they have no comment due to potential litigation.

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