Long Co. seeing COVID-19 cases decrease after recent peak

Published: Jun. 30, 2021 at 4:22 PM EDT
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LONG COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - After hitting a recent peak - new cases of Coronavirus in Long County seem to be going back down.

The seven day rolling average is now less than one case, but with low vaccination rates, some are still concerned.

The Long County residents WTOC spoke to Wednesday were all vaccinated, and after learning Long County’s vaccination rate is at 14 percent, some of them say they aren’t surprised.

“People being scared. It’s just like taking a flu shot,” said Long County resident Marion Jackson.

“They don’t think it’s proven well yet,” said Long County resident Pat Deen.

The vaccination rate in Long County is far below the state average of 38 percent. Officials with the Coastal Health District says there’s vaccine hesitancy in most rural counties.

Those who’ve received their shots are asking their fellow residents to also roll their sleeve up.

“This is a no brainer. Get the shot,” said Long County resident Suzanne Stephens.

All of the people WTOC spoke to Wednesday say they signed up for a vaccine appointment, as soon as they were eligible.

“I’m tired of wearing a mask. I’m tired of the worry of COVID,” said Long County resident William Erhardt.

They say getting the vaccine makes them feel like they’re keeping themselves and others safe..

“Being vaccinated would help not get it. If I got it, it may not be as bad as it would have been without it,” said Deen.

The group of residents are now asking their community to listen to the science in order to reach herd immunity from the virus.

“It’s not going to stop unless we put forth the effort to curb it,” said Jackson.

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