Beaufort Chalkboard getting attention from around the world

A simple idea to spread joy has gone viral
Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 3:07 PM EDT
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BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - If you’ve driven down Parris Island Gateway in Beautfort you’ve probably seen her work.

But chances are, you don’t know her name.

“I am the chalkboard lady,” or at least her real name, Cindy Lamprecht.

Lamprecht picked up her nickname, and the chalk about a year and half ago.

“I figured if I was depressed with COVID other people had to be. The world was afraid, I just wanted to change that a little bit, even if that’s just for a couple minutes a day.”

Her husband building her an over-sized chalkboard back in March of 2020 to help her get her message out.

But after a few months and little reaction, she decided to stop.

That is until, “people started stopping in my driveway, older folks, that just said, ‘hey, we were reading the sign. We were leaving our house during quarantine just to read the sign and go home.’ So, we put it back up.”

But this time, people started take notice in person and online

“A week and a half ago I had 146 people on Facebook. Now I’ve hit the max limit,” said Lamprecht.

Some stopping to give suggestions, “‘put up there if you think Carol Baskins killed her husband to honk.’ So, I did and that one spread, real quickly. They were honking like crazy.”

Some messages meant for a laugh, “I accidentally took the wrong pills, but I’m protected from fleas for three months. Some people thought I was serious.”

Others to inspire, “some stranger will remember you for your kindness.”

But the sign that stands out most to Lamprecht, may have saved a life.

“He said the sign that was up that said, ‘God never said, you ruined everything, you’re not that powerful.’ He was driving to go drive off a bridge and he turned around to go home. That made everything worth it.”

While it’s all still a bit surreal, “I guess I can’t believe one little sign made a difference,” Lamprecht says she plans on staying the course.

“I’m just going to keep changing the chalkboard, that’s all.”

She hopes this may be just the sign you were looking for to make a change yourself.

“I hope it spreads. That’s my thing right now. If that spreads and people will make a chalkboard, put a sign up just be nicer.”

Lamprecht says they’ve received messages from as far away as Denmark but despite the attention her board is not for rent.

If you’d like to see more of her signs click here.

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