Savannah woman uses art to keep public informed through ‘Graphic Recording’

Brittany Curry, known as InkyBrittany, is using Graphic Recording to pass along important information
Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 4:56 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - What started as a hobby for Brittany Curry has now blossomed into a career and public service many have come to rely on.

“I consider myself sort of a citizen journalist.”

But journalist might not be the first word you think of when you see Brittany Curry or InkyBrittany’s work.

It’s called, “graphic recording or graphic facilitation,” says Curry.

In other words, “I take large scale visual imagery combined with text and use that to live capture meetings and events of all kinds,” Curry explains.

Attending things like Savannah City Council meetings. Making them somewhat easier to understand.

Work that has caught the eye of many, including Alderman Nick Palumbo.

Who at times has been a subject himself.

“Well, she’s always very generous. You know, she very generous with my hairline, that’s going faster than ever before,” jokes Alderman Palumbo.

But hairline aside Alderman Palumbo sees her work as a mirror, giving an honest reflection and even at times helping to point out a blemish that could have otherwise gone unseen.

“More often than not she’s showing us something we haven’t seen before but happened in real time.”

Which of course, is the goal.

While her work seems to come out nearly picture perfect, for InkyBrittany it’s not about how it looks but what it says.

“I can’t reemphasize this enough that this is not about art it’s about communication.”

Communicating to a public that’s as unique as the art she creates.

“We all have such different backgrounds and images can cut through a lot of that and communicate in ways the words can’t.”

For more information on InkyBrittany, click here.

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