Effingham Co. Chamber of Commerce announces future location

The Chamber won’t be moving far as the relocate to downtown Springfield
Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 3:28 PM EDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WTOC) - Effingham County Chamber of Commerce CEO Andrew Cripps won’t be walking the halls of their West Third Street location much longer.

“Well, for the next couple of weeks we’re going to be moving,” says Cripps.

The Chamber packing up nearly 20 years of history, preparing for their next chapter.

“We’re moving eventually into the Co-Op Business Center in downtown Springfield.”

Cripps says “eventually” because, well, the building isn’t ready quite yet.

“James Carlson and his team will be renovating, much like they did the Carlson and Company building downtown,” said Cripps.

Work on the Co-Op building will start in about 60 days, and when completed in about a year.

“The Co-Op Building will house three major businesses in the Springfield area. We are so excited to bring businesses and jobs to the area,” says Kate Mullen of Carlson Holdings.

Putting the Chamber right in the heart of a downtown that’s prime for tremendous growth.

“We’re just so excited about staying in Springfield and being part of the energy that’s happening in Springfield. So much revitalization and so much rebirth,” Cripps says.

A rebirth the Chamber has certainly played a role in, which may be why it’s no surprise Carlson Holdings were more than willing to have them as part of their latest project.

“The Chamber of Commerce is in large part has a lot to do with those buildings and the jobs themselves in the area. The fact that they even took interest in Mr. Carlson’s spaces was so amazing and we’re excited to have that in house,” said Mullen.

Although the Chamber is moving Cripps says there will only be a couple of differences for their members to keep in mind.

“We won’t have the same fax number and obviously we won’t have the same address.”

While the Chamber waits for their new home to be completed, they will take up shop in an office located right across the street from Springfield City Hall.

As for their old location that’s been purchased by Effingham Health System.

For more information on the Chamber click here.

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