First TSPLOST funded projects ready to begin in Effingham Co.

Effingham County Commission awarded the contract for the projects Tuesday
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 3:56 PM EDT
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EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - After passing TSPLOST this past November officials in Effingham County have been busy planning and preparing.

Tuesday night the county commission approved work to begin on about 25 miles of road around the county immediately.

Welcome news for those who live off Timbergate Drive in Rincon.

“We’ve needed it repaved for quite a while now,” said Jackie Dyches who has lived on Timbergate for 22 years.

Residents like Dyches have been eager for a more permanent fix for their road.

“They come by quite often filling in the potholes but when it rains it washes them away, you know, people bouncing on them.”

A frustration shared by Effingham County Manager Tim Callanan.

“There’s nothing worse than having people tell you there’s an issue with their roads and not being able to offer them a solution, and that’s how it was without TSPLOST.”

Although TSPLOST passed in November the county had to wait until April for their $30 million bond to come through allowing them to start taking bids on the work, and Tuesday night voting to award the contract and start the work.

“It’s a relief to tell folks help is on the way,” says Callanan.

Work is now slated to begin in the next week or two on nearly 25 different stretches of road in the county, including Timbergate.

“We’ll be so happy we won’t have to bounce all the way to McCall,” says Dyches.

Callanan says this first group was chosen due to the simplicity of the fix.

“When you’re doing something like milling and repaving there’s not a lot of engineering work.”

If you don’t see your road in the first group, don’t worry.

Callanan says it simply means it’s a more complicated project.

While it’s still a long road ahead to complete all the projects being funded by TSPLOST it seems they’re off to a good start, at least in Jackie’s opinion.

“We really appreciate the commissioners paving it and we’re just looking forward to them getting out here and getting busy.”

Callanan believes they should have all their TSPLOST projects completed within five years, if not sooner.

To help you keep track of the work being done one TSPLOST funded projects, Effingham County has a ‘TSPLOST Explorer’ on their website.

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