Family pushes for release of bodycam video from officer-involved shooting

Witnesses claim GBI report is wrong regarding officer-involved shooting
Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 4:34 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released more information Wednesday, July 21, regarding an officer-involved shooting which took the life of 36-year-old Maurice Mincey in Savannah over the weekend.

On Thursday, Mincey’s family, friends and attorneys for the family came together to dispute many of the claims made by the GBI and to ask for the release of bodycam video.

“If this was your child, if this was your brother, if this was your cousin, if this was your uncle, how would you feel,” said the interim president of the Racial Justice Network.

Family and friends still trying to come to grips with what they claim was an unjust killing of Mincey.

“A part of us is gone. We just want justice,” said the mother of Mincey’s son, Maria Scott.

Justice they say is being withheld.

“We want to know, and we want answers right away,” said Elder James Johnson, of the Racial Justice Network.

As for where they believe those answers could come from.

“The dash cam and the body cam will tell the story,” Elder Johnson said.

A story witnesses claim is much different from what was released by the GBI.

“I actually seen everything,” claims John Peterson.

While the GBI report states the Mincey was armed, Eric Johnson, who was driving the vehicle Mincey was in, claims that’s not true.

“No weapons, none that was found.”

GBI says body cam video shows Mincey was shot after ignoring commands to put his hands up and instead stepping out of the vehicle with a gun in the direction of another officer, a claim that witness Peterson disputes.

“He actually tried to run away from the man. You shot a man that was trying to run away.”

Inconsistencies in what may have actually happened that night that the family’s attorney, Danny Dalton, says could be cleared up if they could see for themselves.

“We need to see the behaviors. There’s allegations about threatening behaviors we want to see what those were and the coroner’s report. Where he was shot, that’s going to be indicative as well.”

But as they wait, they also mourn knowing that no matter what happened that night, sadly for all involved it can’t be undone.

“I miss him, I miss him so much,” says Maurice’s aunt, Tammy Mincey.

WTOC did reach out to Savannah Police for response, however due to the ongoing investigation by the GBI, the department is unable to comment at this time.

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