Savannah yarn bomber weaving together a community

The yarn bomber may be a mystery but it already has a happy ending
Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 4:15 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Yarn bombing, it’s not a term you hear everyday and certainly not something you see every day.

Covering trees, benches or just about anything, in colorful yarn.

One of the biggest displays happens to be at Daffin Park.

The message reading simply, ‘I love bananas.’

Bananas, as in the Savannah Bananas, who are denying any involvement.

“I can go on record and say hand to the sky that it was no one with the Bananas organization,” says Carson Bowen, the self proclaimed ‘ticket wizard’ with the Bananas.

A total denial, but like us it appears, they too want answers, “We will not rest until we find who’s done this,” jokes Bowen.

With no new clue to solve this mystery we turned to someone who knows the yarn world best.

Jennifer Harvey, the owner of The Frayed Knot, who is no stranger to the world of yarn bombing.

“There’s so many options, we’re all about color. We can help you pick a project; we can help you design your yarn bombing.”

In fact, Harvey says it’s not only good for her small business but for art.

“It certainly gets people excited about using it in a different way. A nontraditional way let’s say.”

It would also seem, the Bananas agree.

“I would be okay if more of these trees got yarn bombed,” Bowen says.

Because I guess as it turns out it doesn’t really matter who did it, but what it does for those who see it.

“When I first saw that I said, ‘that’s got to be unbelievable,” said Bananas Assistant Coach Reginald Horton.

While no one seems to know who the yarn bomber is the Bananas hope they’ll come forward, and perhaps work on a future project with them.

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