Manna House in need of forklift to continue serving community

Without a new forklift they fear they will have to turn away certain donations
Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 2:37 PM EDT
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RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - The Manna House in Rincon has stayed busy over the past year.

“250, 300 cars every week,” says assistant director Liz Quarterman.

Those in need coming to rely on their weekly food distributions.

“We don’t want to be down a week without giving out food to those who need it,” Quarterman says.

But sadly, that may soon become a reality, as their forklift, or more accurately its tires, are wearing thin.

“In the last year due to the mobile food drive and having our forklift out of the warehouse and on the pavement, it has been in six months we’ve had to do a second replacement,” says Quarterman.

But it’s not just the tires, “our forklift forks are worn too thin.”

Meaning they can carry less and less weight safely.

Quarterman putting it bluntly, “when we had it fixed four or five weeks ago, they said, ‘you’re on borrowed time.’”

Without a forklift, “it’d take a lot of manpower to unload this stuff.”

Manpower they simply don’t have.

“I would say it would stop some of the things we could receive in order to distribute out to our clients,” fears Quarterman.

Things like large donations of canned goods.

In response the Manna House has found a $16-thousand refurbished forklift, built to handle the pavement.

Refurbished forklift
Refurbished forklift(WTOC)

All they need now is help buying it.

“Most of our funding is for food here,” says Quarterman.

The group that so freely gives to others, now asking for a lift of their own.

“Everything that anyone does, whether it’s pennies or hundreds of dollars will help stamp out hunger,” Quarterman says.

The Manna House says someone has offered to match donations of up to $10,000.

For more information on how you can donate, click here.

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