Coastal Health District says Delta variant appears as contagious as chicken pox

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 4:06 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Dr. Lawton Davis says the delta variant is appearing as contagious as the chicken pox.

“If you have symptoms you’re guilty until proven conclusively innocent and I’m not sure that one negative test is conclusive evidence that you don’t have it,” said Dr. Davis, Director of the Coastal Health District.

It’s because of this highly contagious delta variant that health officials are asking you to remember the guidance when it comes to quarantine and isolation.

“You isolate when you have a positive test and you know you have COVID, you quarantine when you have been exposed and your status is pending.”

CDC guidance says those who are unvaccinated and exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID needs to quarantine at home, monitor their symptoms, and get tested five days after exposure. If the test is negative you can end your quarantine after seven full days. But for those who are vaccinated, the process is more relaxed.

“You do not actually have to quarantine at home if you are fully vaccinated, but you are supposed to wear a mask when you’re in public or in an indoor space. Monitor your symptoms for 14 days. If you develop symptoms then you become a presumptive positive case and at a minimum you should go and have a test done somewhere between day three and five or six.”

If you test positive for COVID, CDC guidance says regardless of your vaccine status you need to separate yourself from others for a minimum of 10 days, be without a fever for 24 hours, and see an improvement in symptoms. While vaccinated people can get the virus, Dr. Davis says it’s still beneficial to get a vaccine.

“The reason you should bother to get vaccinated is if you do, if you’re unlucky and you do have a breakthrough case with the delta variant you are much much much less likely to have and significant symptoms.”

Dr. Davis says as we continue to adapt to the delta variant we know the three w’s are still effective against it so you should wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance.

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