Tigers ready to tackle 2021 season after long layoff

Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 11:12 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - This year, the Savannah State Tigers opened fall camp a little different this time around.

In 2020, they didn’t have a season.

In 2019, the team was picked to finish dead last in the conference but wound up finishing first.

The team wasn’t eligible to play in the post-season that year, so that’s where things ended.

This year, they’re picked to finish first, but they still carry that same hunger to win.

“I kind of feel like we like the target on our back. I feel like we’re just going to come out and do our job and do everything that the coaches taught us, and we’ll probably end up on the top again,” D’Vonn Gibbons said.

“We feel robbed from the 2019 year, because we really should have been playing in the SIAC Championship game, but we didn’t get to, so we’ve just got make it back there again and make a little run,” Walter Yates said.

Senior running back D’Angelo Durham was named SIAC preseason offensive player of the year, but he says that is only the beginning.

“I’ve still got to go out there during the season and prove myself and prove I am player of the year,” Durham said.

Durham with quarterback D’Vonn Gibbons could provide a hard-to-beat 1-2 punch on offense.

“I’m super confident in our offense,” Gibbons said.

Senior linebacker Walter Yates said the defense was able to take the negative of not playing and make it positive.

“I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, so if anything, it helped some of the young guys get in during the spring, and I would say it benefitted us, honestly, so I just can’t wait,” Yates said. Head Coach Shawn Quinn said the team is eager to welcome Tigers fans back into T.A. Wright Stadium.

“Playing to an empty stadium isn’t a whole lot of fun. You know, we had an opportunity to play one game with fans and one without, and I definitely want to have it with fans, and I think any player will tell you the experience is completely different. It has a practice element to it when there’s no fans, so I’m excited,” Quinn said.

The Tigers are on the prowl this season and ready to claw down.

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