YMCA offering E-camps for families in virtual-only school districts

Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 10:17 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As coronavirus cases surge, and school districts send children back home , many working families are struggling as they try to meet the needs of their children while they work.

The YMCA of Coastal Georgia is putting together E-camps in counties whose school districts have gone completely virtual. They are looking to help working parents during this tough time.

The YMCA says they currently have just under 200 kids in E-camps in McIntosh, Liberty, Long and Glynn counties. They want parents to know if their child needs a place to do virtual learning, local YMCA’s are here to help.

“The important thing is that no matter what the number is 200, 400, 600, we are here for the families if they need us,” said Association Childcare Director of the YMCA of Coastal Georgia Becky Lehto.

Just a few weeks into the new school year, the Coastal Empire has seen four districts make the switch to virtual learning. YMCA of the Coastal Empire Association Childcare Director Becky Lehto wants families to know they can reach out to them for help.

“What the YMCA strives to do during virtual learning is to be able to give the children an environment that is structured,” said. Lehto “So that they have times where they are sitting and doing the virtual learning with the assistance of our staff and then when they were on their breaks,” we can provide them with recreational activities and outdoor play so that they can still have all of those physical needs met.”

Lehto says they are able to put these camps together through state grants and through the generosity of our community.

“In many cases the parents would have to choose between going to work or having a safe place for the child to be during the day, so by being able to find that safe place for your child to be,” said Lehto. “Parents are able to continue to work and not jeopardize her household finances.”

The YMCA also says they have plenty of man power to work these E -camps. Again, the camps are only in districts where virtual learning is the only option in your area.

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