Did the Coastal Health District see a vaccine boost from extra holiday for state employees?

Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 5:53 PM EDT
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LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced all state employees would be given Sept. 3 off to encourage people to get vaccinated by giving them a whole day to do it.

At the Coastal Drug Company, the pharmacist says there was a good turnout for vaccinations on Sept. 3, which is reassuring as the virus continues to spread in Liberty County.

Twenty-five people were vaccinated last Friday. Much higher than the pharmacy’s daily average of about 10.

“It was on a Friday so if you felt any side effects, you had the weekend to recover so we did see more people come in and get vaccinated on that day,” Pharmacist Harnish Patel said.

A stark contrast from what the health departments within the Coastal Health District have seen. A spokeswoman says there wasn’t a huge change from the Friday before September 3, which was August 27.

Here are the numbers from the previous week, Friday, Aug. 27:

  • Bryan – 0
  • Camden  – 16
  • Chatham  – 99
  • Effingham  – 18
  • Glynn – 99
  • Liberty – 0
  • Long – 0
  • McIntosh – 0

On Sept. 3, the day state employees got to take off, the eight health departments gave out 227 vaccines in total:

  • Bryan Co. - 1
  • Camden Co. - 8
  • Chatham Co. - 102
  • Effingham Co. - 12
  • Glynn Co. - 94
  • Liberty Co. - 4
  • Long Co.- 0
  • McIntosh Co. – 6

Private vaccination sites like the Coastal Drug Company are not included in these numbers.

At his business, Patel said since December of last year, they’ve given more than 3,500 vaccines out They’re offering all three vaccines, too.

“Due to the recent surge, we are seeing more people get vaccinated for the first time,” Patel said.

This includes eligible kids, as well as those in military after the Department of Defense mandated vaccinations for service members around the end of August.

“That’s really encouraging to see,” Patel said.

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