School zone speed cameras go into effect Oct. 1 in Effingham Co.

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 4:33 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 1, 2021 at 5:28 AM EDT
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EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - You may want to listen up if you drive through Effingham County.

New speed cameras are now up and if you don’t slowdown, it may cost you.

“We’ve had an issue with this. We’ve been working on it for about two and a half years,” said Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie regarding speeding in school zones.

In fact, in a recent traffic study in Effingham County, “7,730 vehicles were driving through these six school zones at 10 mph and above the speed limit in a five-day period,” said Blue Line Solutions CEO Mark Hutchinson.

A startling number, even for Sheriff McDuffie.

“We knew there was a lot, we had no idea it was to that magnitude. I don’t have the manpower or the ability to put that many people in the school zones all the time.”

But thanks to a partnership with Blue Line Solutions and the school district, now they won’t need manpower, instead, they’ll have cameras.

“This is about safety. What we’ve done is we’ve looked at the data closely and have been able to observe that when automated speed enforcement is in a school zone, drivers comply,” said the former director for the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Solutions, Bob Dallas.

According to data from Blue Line, on average, there’s an 83% reduction in speeding where their cameras are present.

Welcome news for Effingham County School District Superintendent Dr. Yancy Ford.

“We have approximately 13, 651 students in our school district and we certainly want to make sure the area where they’re spending the majority of their day is very safe.”

Once in effect, starting October 1, the cameras will clock drivers who are traveling at 10 mph or more over the speed limit, but as Sheriff McDuffie reminds if you go over the speed limit at all, you’re breaking the law.

“You never know if that Deputy is going to be sitting down there when that school zone is going on and it’s one mile over the speed limit and he can write you a citation.”

The cameras were placed at Blandford Elementary, Marlow Elementary and South Effingham High, Middle and Elementary Schools.

There is a warning period for the first 30 days starting October 1, but after that, speeders will be cited.

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