Richmond Hill community rallies behind 14-year-old with cyst on her brain

Published: Oct. 2, 2021 at 11:42 PM EDT
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RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - A community is rallying behind 14-year-old Chyanne after doctors found a large cyst growing on her brain.

The family told WTOC it has to be treated immediately. Chyanne has been sick since March. Her mother said she’s suffered from acid reflux for years, so they assumed it was flaring back up until the symptoms started getting worse.

On September 23, her MRI showed a large cyst on her brain.

“How do you even process at that age that they are going to cut into my skull and remove a 6 centimeter by 3.1 by 3.2 mass that’s right behind my eye?” said Chyanne’s mother Tiffany Wilson.

Wilson said if it ruptures, it could be fatal. The surgery Chyanne needs will also prevent blindness and seizures.

“You can’t exactly cry when you have a 14-year-old in the car with you. She’s scared so you put on a smile and go get ice cream and that’s what we did.”

Even with private insurance, Chyanne’s parents were told they needed $15,000 to pay for the surgery.

“I called a friend of mine. I told her what was going on and she was like we’ll do we got to do,” said the mother.

“I can’t imagine at 15 to go through what she’s going through. I had brain surgery five years ago...At 20 something, it hit me like a ton of bricks. She’s 14 so she’s stronger than I was,” said Tiffany’s close friend Corina Stewart.

Stewart said she knows how hard it is as a mother to ask for help. That’s why she and Tiffany’s other close friend started multiple fundraisers. They’re having people come to Tiffany’s store, Richmond Hill Nutrition, to make donations.

Several of the businesses participating were just displaced in a devastating building fire off Ford Avenue two weeks ago. The same shopping center where Richmond Hill Nutrition got its start.

“We’ve just been blown away,” said Chris Wilson. “I mean we’ve been blessed beyond any amount.”

With the community’s help, they raised $4,500 on GoFundMe in less than 24 hours. The family said their biggest contributors were people they don’t even know.

“There’s no explaining Richmond Hill,” said Stewart.

“And you don’t even know how to say thank you. How do you say thank you? I mean it’s.. that’s just not enough,” said the mother.

The family needs to raise the money by her surgery on October 12.

Doctors said Chyanne will have at least six weeks of recovery.

Stewart said they will be in the same spot at Richmond Hill Nutrition next weekend to continue raising money for her surgery.

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