Savannah neighborhood upset after pack of feral dogs kills multiple cats

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 6:41 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - People in one Savannah neighborhood say a pack of feral dogs are on the loose attacking and killing animals around Thomas Square.

“There was blood all down my walkway and he was in a pool of blood laying right in front of my house and it was just absolutely heartbreaking,” said Sarah Sandin.

Sarah Sandin woke up to that scene last Thursday.

“I didn’t see him and I was like, ‘where’s kitty boy at?’”

But it was too late by the time she found him. Evidence of the attacks - pawprints all over her couch.

Neighbors think at least two pitbulls and one small terrier are responsible. But not all of the owners woke up to the aftermath.

“He said please don’t go outside.”

Jamie Failing says her husband heard it while it was happening.

“These two dogs had my cat in their mouths at the same time trying to pull her apart,” said cat owner Jamie Failing.

But couldn’t intervene because it was too dangerous so she did what she could from inside.

“I believe there’s power in the mom scream. I don’t know where it comes from but I let out a noise that terrified myself.”

She buried her cat Zepo in her favorite planter under a pot and now she keeps the rest of her cats locked away behind a fence.

Walking through these neighborhoods we noticed several kids playing outside, neighbors say that scares them with the dogs being on the loose.

Another cat owner, Connie Hallaran, woke up to two of her cats brutalized the same way. She even had a fence up but that didn’t stop them.

“It was really, really hard to lose them like this,” said cat owner Connie Hallaran.

Neighbors mapped out a area of where the attacks have happened so far. Hallaran says they are using the Nextdoor App to plan stakeouts so they can get these dogs off the streets.

We know several of the owners have filed police reports, but Savannah Police say this falls under Chatham County Animal Control. The agency released this statement to WTOC:

“We are working with residents to find the ideal place for a trap.  Setting up a trap requires an ok from the property owner and they help monitor it, notifying Animal Services if/when and dog is trapped.

We are patrolling during the day, but do not typically patrol during the night.  We are trying to coordinate with SPD for assistance.

We have a general idea of where they may be coming from but need input from the community as far as sightings, etc.  If they are owned and we have a location, we can address the issue with the owner.

We have things like this happen in the past and realize how stressful this can be for the community.  We are doing all we can to locate and apprehend these dogs.  Please contact us with any sightings.  We also recommend keeping all outside pets in at night if possible and to make sure they are up to date on rabies vaccination.”

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