National television exposure takes Savannah business to new heights

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 11:52 AM EDT
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GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - Some of the best views of the Coastal Empire and the Lowcountry are from the sky. A Garden City man wanted to give people that experience, so he took a leap and his business took off.

“Many of my friends and family thought I was nuts when I said, this is what I’m going to do,” Amphibian Air owner and pilot Dave Myers said.

The 61-year-old Myers is enjoying a twilight career filled with sunrises and sunsets along the Georgia Coast. He says a flight aboard a trike airplane in Hawaii changed his life.

“I was a 49 year old carpenter with no aviation experience and before I was 100 feet in the air, I knew I would do this for a living,” Myers said.

Myers says he tried to learn everything he could, took out a loan to buy a plane, and ten years ago, Amphibian Air took off.

“Having flown almost 2,000 people from five to 85 has been the greatest joy in my life,” Myers said.

Officially, he’s a flight instructor. Everyone who flies gets a lesson and a certificate of instruction that counts towards becoming a sport pilot.

“I’m not a tour operation where I’m turning and burning to get more and more people up,” Myers said. “I want that experience to be awesome.”

Flying with the wind in your face may be exhilarating, but it’s the wind that can make or break a trip.

“I hate disappointing people and saying we can’t fly because of the weather,” Myers said. “If they tell me the whole time they’re here, we try to work around the weather if they’re flexible.”

Myers says he doesn’t do much advertising and he may not have to after his business is featured on a nationally syndicated show.

Season 9 of the PBS show “START UP,” hosted by Gary Bredow, will feature Amphibian Air and other businesses along the Southeast Coast.

“They did a phenomenal job,” Myers said. “START UP, Gary, and his whole crew just made something I’m real happy with, really proud of.”

While the new attention may lead to more business, Dave says he’s just happy riding in the cockpit as long as he can.

“If I get another decade out of this that’d be sweet, because I’m having as much fun in the front seat as my customers,” Myers said.

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