Springfield community supporting orphaned teens after mother dies from COVID, father killed in crash

Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 11:32 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A community in Springfield is coming together to rally behind a family whose children lost two parents in just over a month.

Their father David Beasley Jr. died from traumatic injuries he sustained during a crash involving a log truck last Thursday. His wife Crystal lost her life to COVID-19 in September.

This has been a really emotional and painful time for this family. However they have other family members who are there to help their children through this along with some help from their community.

“He was like ‘Your brother died this morning.’ Immediately I got to get off the phone,” said David’s brother Stanley Haddad. “My first thought was let me call him to make sure you’re wrong. And I called and called and called and called and I couldn’t get an answer.”

The family of David Beasley says he was a father, brother, a provider and much more. David died in a crash involving a log truck October 21.

“We just went through this with mom...Here it is again. So close I guess,” said David and Crystal’s daughter Makayla Beasley.

Just over a month before David’s passing, his wife and mother of his children Crystal died from COVID-19. Their daughter Makayla says they’re just trying to get through it and shared a piece of their home that reminds her of her mom.

“She wanted to do kind of a Mickey Mouse themed house, because the black and white. So she got black shutters and then the grey than the white. She picked the red door because of the red pants,” said Makayla. “Nobody else had the red door around here either. She was like ‘Yes! We’re going to stand out right here because we’ve got the red and nobody else does. Basically she called dibbs on the red first.”

“She was a funny, very loving person,” said David’s sister Coralynn Ricks. “She loved everybody. It was really quick with her. And David, he was hilarious. He would always joke around. He was serious but not serious. They were just really good people.”

“They were all colors,” said Haddad. “One day it’s just super serious and the next day, it’s all jokes and fun.”

David and Crystal are survived by 19-year-old Makayla and her 13-year-old brother Ethan. The family says they are thankful for how the community has held them up during this time.

“I see people at first. You never know if they’re good or bad so it’s hard to tell,” said Makayla. “So I assume like there is not as many good people as you think there are. But I guess there is obviously around all this happening. There’s a lot of good people.”'

The family also says the community has continued to comfort them with food, prayers and kind words. The family has also started a GoFundMe to help take care of Makayla and Ethan.

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