Manna House helps provide 800 Thanksgiving meals to those in need

Manna House kicks the holidays off early by giving back to their community
Published: Nov. 17, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST
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RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - Just after the sun came up, cars were lined up in Rincon.

“Today is our big event, the Thanksgiving giveaway. We call it ‘Boxes of Hope’ it’s just an encouragement to our families who need a little extra hope to get them through the Holidays,” said Manna House Executive Director Lisa Bush.

An encouragement to those in line Wednesday like Brenda Hodges.

“It’s a blessing, everything they do is a great blessing and I’m very thankful for their service.”

The Manna House helping to feed 800 families a Thanksgiving meal, something that seems even harder to come by this year.

“When you go to the grocery story and see that prices have in some cases doubled. That puts a fear in some peoples minds about how they’re going to provide food for their family,” said Bush.

A situation many have found themselves in this year, including Clinton Gillis.

“It means a whole lot to my family because without this I doubt if I’d have been able to afford it.”

Of course, to feed 800 families, takes a lot of manpower.

Something luckily the Manna House, never seems to have a hard time finding.

“Effingham is awesome to live in because it is a giving community and usually when there’s a need people step up to the plate,” Bush said.

Filling trunk after trunk with enough food to fill up a family, and enough hope to fill up a heart.

“It’s always an awesome thing to watch God work through the donations of people and allowing these families to have the pride to be able to provide a meal to their family is just, it’s cool,” said Bush.

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