Savannah Tree Foundation, volunteers plant trees across Savannah

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 11:04 AM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah is a city of trees, not just because of nature but also due to the volunteers that nurture our delicate environment every day.

WTOC caught up with some of these folks in action.

“And I think the tree canopy adds as much to the charm as anything does, so if we lose that, we’re going to lose a lot.”

Pines to oaks, sycamores to Magnolias, the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry is known for its trees.

”Nothing quite feels the same like coming home to, you know, those tunnels of Live Oaks when you get off 16 onto Liberty. You know, when I was living outside of the city it was, uh, that is how I knew I was home,” said Zoe Rinker, Executive Director of Savannah Tree Foundation.

The Savannah Tree Foundation and local business partners have made it their duty to limit the loss of protection and beauty that our trees offer. Sixty trees were planted across several Savannah parks, and just as importantly, 300 were given away for people to plant as they wish.

”Where a lot of our tree loss in Chatham County is happening is on private property and so, you know, trees that come down during storms and people that remove trees after there are storms because they are scared of property damage, that’s where a large portion of our trees are coming out,” said Rinker.

Trees help reduce rainwater runoff, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and have been linked to keeping urban areas cooler... they’re important and putting in some work now insures a tree-lined and shaded future for future Savannahians.

“By giving away trees and planting the next generation of our urban forest… that’s really where we can be impactful,” Rinker said.

Plant a new tree in your yard. Teach your kiddos about the local importance of trees, and, if you see a need for more trees in your community, say something and see if others feel the same way.

“The biggest thing… and it’s not just to, if you want something in your neighborhood… it’s really any part of life, really, work with other folks throughout the community. Collaborate. Find different ways, because you always have a larger voice with larger numbers,” said Sean Mannion, Chairman of the Savannah Park and Tree Commission.

If you have any tree questions, see a need in your neighborhood, or would like to donate to the Savannah Tree Foundation, visit their website here.

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