Meet winners of SCORE Savannah’s BizPitch Competition

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 12:10 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - More local small businesses earned a clear path toward success recently by winning SCORE Savannah’s BizPitch 2021 Competition.

A dozen entrepreneurs pitched their business idea to a panel of judges and three were selected as winners, which will all receive $10,000 in cash and services to help them start or build their business.

Michelle Williams and Stephanie Aiesi are two of those winners. They are nurses who plan to open Kidney Innovations Health Care Education Re-Imagined as an early way to educate people on or are projected to be on kidney dialysis.

“We are basically doing pre-dialysis education for chronic kidney disease patients to help them avoid dialysis. And it’s needed because health care is soaring. The prices in health care is definitely soaring. So, insurers need tax breaks or cuts in funding as well as patients want to live better lives, they want to live longer, they want to have a great quality of life. And doctors are just overwhelmed. There’s just too much for them to do,” said Michelle Williams, Co-founder of Kidney Innovations Health Care Education Re-Imagined.

“We both have been in nursing for over 10 years, working in dialysis, and we kept hearing the same story over and over again and the story was, we didn’t know, I didn’t know. It was a lot of people falling through the cracks and it was as simple as education. So, we went straight back to the foundation of understanding education to provide that for patients and get them on the right track.” said Stephanie Aiesi, Co-founder of Kidney Innovations Health Care Education Re-Imagined.

“Patients that are newly diagnosed with diabetes, newly diagnosed with hypertension, as well as chronic kidney disease. So, when they reach that diagnosis, that’s the point when we want to make sure we are giving them that education so that they can get on the right track,” Williams said.

“Moving forward, it minimizes the hospitalizations, the time spent with physicians, and of course, cost. Everyone likes to talk about that, and just the quality of life is vastly improved with just a little bit of education and guidance,” Aiesi said.

“Their program, for like $2,000, helps people avoid going down that path, which is absolutely...I don’t know how you put a price on that. It is life-saving, so it is really quite wonderful. And they did a great job pitching. They started off, like most of them, they started off real nervous and they were terrific,” said Michael Siegel, Chapter Chair of SCORE Savannah.

“We received so much support throughout the whole process. It was really enlightening to put everything together to not only start up but really see and breath life into our project. So, it was really, really exciting to be there and be a part of that,” said Aiesi.

“You know, we are an entrepreneurial city and I just feel so welcomed by all of the SCORE mentors, especially Tom Glasser and Michael Siegel. The have been absolutely phenomenal for us,” Williams said.

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