Meet winners of SCORE Savannah’s BizPitch 2021 competition, part 2

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 12:14 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - This week, WTOC is introducing you to some of the winners of SCORE Savannah’s BizPitch 2021 competition, in which budding entrepreneurs presented their ideas for a new or developing business to a panel of judges.

The three that were chosen each won $10,000 in cash and SCORE resources to help get their business up and running.

One of those winners was Vanessa Villaverde, whose concept was Menther, a mentoring service for women trying to re-enter the workforce after Covid, that she hopes to launch in early 2022.

“We have never seen the kind of exodus as we have during Covid of women in the job market. In the U.S., we’ve had three million women exit the job market. This is also an incredible time for opportunity. In Savannah especially, we’ve had a vast growth of women founders of companies. We have women pivoting careers. we have women trying to figure out new ways of being in the job market because they have children, because they have new responsibilities that are different in Covid. So, Menther allows women to ensure that they have access to understand new career paths, also have access to get out of their own fear and what it means to change jobs and change titles in life. So, it’s an exciting time and we’re excited to bring this forward,” said Vanessa Villaverde, Founder of Menther

“They are creating an ecosystem where women can help mentor other women. And it will be supported by an app that people can use and will create this ecosystem all over the country. And it provides guidance and support and education,” said Michael Siegel, Chapter Chair of SCORE Savannah.

“This was an opportunity not just for us to pitch the company, but frankly, to pitch why we’re passionate. My co-founders and I have been in health technology for just under a decade. So, to launch a company not in health care in the middle of Covid was significant,” Villaverde explained.

“It’s so needed. And Vanessa is a pro, Vanessa has pitched before, it was quite obvious. But she made such a compelling presentation. Her data was really shocking in a lot of ways, but it really explained the problem, the solution is elegant, it’s straightforward, it’s scalable. And they did a beautiful job explaining why they should win,” Seigel said.


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