Picking a healthy Christmas tree

Published: Dec. 8, 2021 at 8:43 AM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The dash to grab holiday decor, including Christmas trees, is well underway. But don’t let the season rush get in the way of picking a healthy tree.

WTOC visited Rose Dhu Nursery on Ogeechee Road and got some tips on how to take home the healthiest of the bunch. Start by choosing your tree from a place that stores them correctly.

“Store in an upright position – just like they would naturally grow. It gives you the benefit of looking at it and it’s better for the tree as a whole before you purchase it,” said Larry Driver, Owner of Rose Dhu Nursery.

Remember, it’s not just how a tree looks so make sure you inspect it.

“The best thing to look for – the most important – is to make sure the needles don’t come off. If they don’t readily come off… you’re okay,” advised Driver.

The loss of needles could indicate that the tree is dry or under a lot of stress - leading to a more unhealthy tree.

And if you had the idea to grow your own Frasier and save a few dollars, good luck.

“If we brought one of these down here, it wouldn’t live, but, maybe, a year or two and then it’s gone,” Driver said.

So, basically, just because of our local environment, Driver says it’s just not going to happen.

Once you’ve found the perfect one, keep it hydrated from the time you get it home on through Christmas Day. Don’t forget that it’s a tree that was cut down after all.

“Keep it hydrated. If you’re not going to put it up the day you get it, I highly recommend you leave it outside in a pot of water – take the hose… the garden hose… and hose it down a couple times a day until you get ready to put it up,” Driver said.

It may seem simple, but some of these things are overlooked. So when you get to the nursery or tree farm of choice, just take a few moments to look the tree over before packing it up and taking it home.

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