A Christmas miracle: community helps find lost dog

Published: Dec. 25, 2021 at 3:56 PM EST
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GEORGETOWN, Ga. (WTOC) - A Christmas miracle right in our backyard. For more than two months the Georgetown community and beyond set out on a search to find a family’s lost dog. The owners say they had one wish this Christmas to have their dog back home safe.

For more than 2 months, it was the search for Cephas.

“She lost sleep pretty much for the last two months,” said Tracy Braemer, Cephas’s owner.

Cephas’s owners Rachel and Tracy said he escaped from the yard on October 16th.

“There have been so many people that have helped. People that were just random strangers,” said Braemer.

After no sign of Cephas for a few days they started a Facebook page. More than 300 people joined it wanting to help.

“Every day I left work or before I went to work, I would try and go find where they spotted him last and try to see,” said Gabriel Carrero, who helped with the search effort.

“On foot started looking through the neighborhoods, driving through the neighborhoods seeing if we could find him,” said Tammy Anderson, another person who helped look for Cephas.

Determined to find him, people started mapping out sightings and more than 5,000 fliers were given out around town.

“They could see how much I wanted him home and how much I loved him,” said Rachel Banks, Cephas’s owner.

“Until we know, one way or another, good or bad, we’re going to see it through,” said CJ Storey, who helped with searching.

And that’s what the community did. Tirelessly looking for a dog most of them never even knew... Until now.

“I fell in love with him,” said Anderson.

“I had lost my sister just two months ago, so he was a good distraction. I kind of look at it like he saved me,” said Storey.

After his 20 mile journey, CJ and Ron Storey caught Cephas in a Missy Trap using some freshly grilled meat as the bait.

“We sat in our car down the street watching the cameras, the trail cameras, waiting for him,” said Storey.

“I had the login for the cameras, so I was watching as he went in the trap,” said Banks.

“She was like ‘they caught him!’,” said Braemer.

“It was amazing,” said Banks.

His capture came just in time.

“I posted a video, all I want for Christmas is you. It was him, his video, his search effort and low and behold the next day he is found. He’s my world. It’s like your child. He’s not replaceable,” said Banks.

“We love seeing him, having him back,” said Carrero.

“It’s a Cephas Christmas miracle,” said Anderson.

While Cephas was lost, his owners say he was in an accident and broke his pelvis. The Rice Hope Animal Clinic had been following his story and waived all of the fees for his wellness check after he was found. He does need to have surgery to repair his pelvis. The community has started a GoFundMe to help pay for the cost. You can find a link here.

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