New Savannah homeless day center helps reunite missing man with family 100 miles away

Guy Kitchens had been missing from Dublin, Ga. for more than 5 months
Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 4:16 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Just last month, WTOC was there as “Come as You Are Deliverance International Ministries” opened up as the first homeless day center in Chatham County.

Now, less than a month into offering the new service, it’s already proven how valuable it is after they helped reunite a missing man with his family more than 100 miles away.

“There are so many people in this United States that are missing that never get found,” said Minster Corey Brooks.

It’s a story we sadly hear all too often. But this time, it would be different.

“He came to us, umm, through another person that was previously homeless,” said Minister Brooks.

It’s a moment Larry White won’t forget.

“It all began at the Old Savannah City Mission, where I met him.”

Like countless times before, White handed him a card for Savannah’s only homeless day center.

But he never showed.

“So, I went back trying to find him and I couldn’t find him,” said White.

Then a couple days later, “he reached into his pocket and found the card, then he walked here from Bull Street,” recalls Brooks.

He told them him his name, Guy Kitchens, and said he was looking for work. They agreed, but before he left, they put his name in on Facebook.

“All of these posts came up that they were looking for him,” Brooks says.

And when they showed Guy, “he was like, ‘that’s me! That’s me! My family is looking for me?”

It turns out Guy had been missing from his home in Dublin, Ga. for close to five months.

“He started crying when he was reading the posts,” said Brooks.

Minister Brooks tracked down his family who immediately came to Savannah.

“He was in tears when his sister came in, he was like, ‘that’s my sister! That’s my sister!’ They hugged and it was a glorious moment.”

A moment that may not have ended the same just over a month ago.

“Before Come As You Are Ministries there were no day centers in Chatham County,” said Erin Wessling, of Give Change that Counts.

But now there is, and they hope this is just the beginning.

“It’s incredible that in a little over a month that we were able to connect someone with their family, and that’s just one. Imagine what we would be able to do with just a few more day centers open or a few more volunteers,” said Wessling.

For more information on how you can help expand more homeless day centers in Chatham County, click here.

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