Union Mission, Renegade Paws Rescue helping the homeless

Published: Jan. 22, 2022 at 7:43 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Saturday will be the coldest night of winter so far — so imagine waking up without a home?

Union Mission and Renegade Paws Rescue both said colder temperatures like these put people without homes at risk.

The rescue said they’re trying to help out on both ends of the leash and Union Mission said their doors are open.

“I’ve already seen people knocking on our doors asking for help at all of our facilities,” said Michael Traynor, President and CEO of Union Mission.

Traynor said when temperatures drop, it’s a vulnerable time for those without shelter.

“The next few days and over the next week we have very cold temperatures for our area. Our goal is to have people come in and especially when the temperature’s below 40 [degrees] we’ll make extra arrangements,” he said.

Union Mission said they are ready with food, showers and blankets for those who need it.

“Our policy is below 40 degrees, we make extra preparations for individuals that come in that normally wouldn’t,” said Traynor.

And something Renegade Paws Rescue said people don’t realize is many people without shelter have pets to care for.

“Just because someone is without a roof doesn’t mean they don’t have the capacity to love a dog or a cat,” said Cody Shelley, Renegade Paws Rescue Volunteer and Foster Parent.

The rescue said they have longstanding relationships with people who are homeless in our community so they know the need is there.

“Being exposed to the elements when it drops down where it’s freezing like it so rarely does down here in Savannah is extremely hazardous to any animal like domesticated cats and dogs and humans,” said Shelley.

The rescue is working with the Savannah Baptist Center to take care of both ends of the leash.

“We want to make sure those folks are staying safe in their circumstances and that those pets remain with loving parents even if they’re not necessarily under a roof at the moment,” said Shelley.

Union Mission said you can drop off hygiene products, undergarments and socks.

Renegade Paws Rescue said they’re collecting coats, blankets and winter clothing. They’re located at 1218 Waters Ave.

They will also post more information on their Facebook page.

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