Taking Care of Business: Alexander’s Bistro

Their doors aren’t open yet but they’ve been busy behind the scenes
Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 2:50 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Alexander’s Bistro is one of the newest additions to Savannah.

“It’s going to be a neighborhood deli bistro kind of café,” said Chef & Owner Aaron Rothman.

In fact, they’re so new, they’re aren’t even open quite yet.

“We started this process before the pandemic,” said CFO Phil Rothman.

That’s right, they’ve been working on opening for about two years.

“It definitely was a slow process to get things up and going,” said General Manager Betsy Rothman.

The pandemic hitting the breaks on their big plans.

“Of course, it slowed the supply chain for the equipment,” Phil says.

Slowing them down, but not bring them to a stop, “we just plowed on,” said Phil.

Although they would’ve hoped to open sooner, the delay may have actually been a blessing in disguise.

“We took advantage of learning what other restaurants were doing,” Phil said.

Watching how they adapted to the pandemic to help set themselves up for success.

“Relying more on carryout. Needing COVID distancing stations,” just some of the changes Phil says they made.

So, as this family run business waited, they worked, “family doesn’t let you procrastinate as much as you may like to,” joked Aaron.

While the Rothman family motivated each other, it was their new community that truly kept them going.

“We had a lot of encouragement. People we would meet would say, ‘we’re glad you’re doing this. Hang in there,’” recalls Phil.

It would seem they’ve done just that.

Turning that family dream into a reality and even finding a little joy in the waiting.

“We embraced it, and once we embraced and see it come to life, even if it was slowly, it’s like watching your child grow up, again,” Phil said.

If all goes to plan Alexander’s Bistro is aiming to officially open their doors February 9.

For more information on the restaurant including menu and location click here.

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