Woman claims attack started after defending server from racial slurs

Published: Feb. 2, 2022 at 6:16 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A mother says racism is the reason she was assaulted in downtown Savannah.

The woman tells me this all started because she was standing up for a server at the restaurant, who she says was the target of racial slurs Saturday night.

Kyla Goodwin says she was out to eat at Olympia Café Saturday night with her family, when she says they overheard people at a table hurling racial slurs at their server, who Goodwin says is of Asian decent.

“We started to kind of take an issue with it because my boyfriend’s children are Chinese, and we overheard them trying to yell at their server saying go get that China girl, go get the China doll, something like that... just being really degrading,” said Kyla Goodwin, says she was assaulted after sticking up for server.

Goodwin says the people at the table continued using degrading language and swearing loudly, eventually leading to her boyfriend asking them to stop.

Goodwin says one woman in the other party eventually lashed out at her physically.

“She’s ripping out my hair, ripping out my hair, ripping out my hair. I mean I lost chunks of my hair through defending myself. I broke all of my nails off, I’ve got bruises all over my body, I’ve got scratches.”

Goodwin says eventually the people left the restaurant, and she filed a police report the next day.

“The Asian community to me is very important. It hit home for me not only because of the racial aspect, but also because being a server. And at the end of the day, service industry workers aren’t treated with enough respect. And honestly there’s no protections for us really at the end of the day when things like this happen.”

It is important to point out that no criminal charges have been filed at this point.

The report is being forwarded to a detective in SPD’s criminal investigation division for further review.

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