Mailbox Cafe lets you sip, ship & take a step towards success

The cafe is now back branded as Mailbox Cafe 2.0
Published: Feb. 17, 2022 at 5:02 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There’s something new brewing inside the Mailbox Café.

“People love the lemonade; people love the coffee,” said Kewaan Drayton.

Well, maybe not so much new, as revamped.

See, the café part of Mailbox Café had been there since 2015.

“Of course, once COVID happened we had to shut it down. It’s been a very long time to bring it back up,” said Mailbox Cafe manager Khalief Kelly.

But two weeks ago, the café reopened, giving them time to prepare for another big return, the St. Patrick’s Day festival in Savannah.

“Actually, that will be really great, because people need coffee so, they can keep drinking,” jokes Kelly.

A celebration Drayton, the new Mailbox Café 2.0 co-owner, sees as a great opportunity.

“The whole St. Patrick’s Day thing is going to just add more value to what we’re already doing and bring more customers this way. We’re always to be thankful to be serving more people in the community.”

Showing the community what the new and improved Mailbox Café has to offer.

“It’s not official, but I like to say one of our little slogans is, ‘We put a whole new meaning to sip and ship,’” said Kelly.

While they can fulfill all your shipping and sipping needs, these two young black business leaders envision 2.0 as providing a brighter future for themselves, and those hoping to get to where they are.

“This will be a place where anybody, specifically African-American business owners can come in and can literally get any information that they need from starting a business from the ideation phase to launching,” Drayton says.

So, they encourage you to stop by the new Mailbox Café 2.0 and start that climb to the next level right alongside them.

And even if it turns out to be a slow trip to the top, “you got some coffee; you can go get a drink,” Kelly jokes.

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