Savannah tourism industry seeing rebound in 2022

Two local businesses say they’ve seen big numbers in the new year
Published: Feb. 23, 2022 at 4:24 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As COVID case numbers begin to improve, local businesses that rely on tourism in Savannah say they’re seeing the benefit.

“Savannah is absolutely a tourist city through and through and once the weather gets nice people want to come here,” said Chris Medford.

That’s good news Medford who is the General Manager of Royal Bike Taxi and Sip & Cycle.

“We are Savannah’s only pedicab tour service.”

Medford says they’ve been seeing a fairly typical uptick in business for this time of year.

“As we move into February hitting past Valentine’s things really begin to pick up and it was really proven true this year.”

An experience shared by one of Savannah’s newest bed and breakfasts, the Bellwether House.

“We’re starting to really pickup. February has been very busy, and March and April, yeah, they’re looking really good,” said Bellwether General Manager Victoria Hill.

But an added boost to the tourism industry this year, the Enmarket Arena.

“I mean you can just look at this past Saturday when we had the Eagles in town, the city was a madhouse. It was so busy downtown, definitely the busiest Saturday we’ve seen of the year so far,” Medford says.

Busiest so far because, “we only have a few more rooms available for St. Patrick’s Day,” said Hill.

St. Patrick’s Day making its first full return to Savannah since 2020.

“Us in the tourism industry it’s our favorite holiday of the year, for sure,” Medford says.

Good weather, new entertainment and old favorites a combination they feel will surely get them back to business as usual.

“Anticipating busyness, anticipating a good time,” Hill says.

“I think that it will only continue to grow,” adds Medford.

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