Bluffton brothers starting unique tour business to showcase town’s Black history

Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 2:56 PM EST
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BLUFFTON, S.C. (WTOC) - Two brothers in Bluffton are starting up a unique business. They’ll be giving tours around the town’s Black history by golf cart.

“We get a kick out of sharing the history of Bluffton. From an African-American perspective there’s a lot of things that I’m sure people don’t know or forgot,” Ray and Nathaniel Pringle said.

For the Pringle brothers, it’s really that simple.

“Growing up here we know a lot of things from the inside that people don’t know.”

They feel it’s their responsibility to pass down the stories they’ve been told, telling the history of this town through a more personal lens than it has been before.

“We know what Bluffton was, we’re still trying to figure out what Bluffton is.”

The brothers say the stories and tours will help with that, once Hidden Treasures Tours of Bluffton is ready.

Eventually this will be where the tour vehicles will be stored, but for now they’re still finalizing some details and the making sure those golf carts are fixed up right, as the brothers are hoping for a full launch of the business come April 1.

They’re ready to get going, and say these carts have a lot of history to show.

“Right now, we’re breaking the stops up into three or four different tours because right now we have about 35 different stops.”

All through personalized stories that they want to inspire others.

“We hope that from telling the stories that we were privy to, some other folks in the town will say, ‘hey, wait a minute, you need to tell the story about my grandfather.’”

The more they get reactions like that Nathaniel says, the closer they’ll be to figuring out what Bluffton is, through understanding what it was.

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